Higher Education: Part-Time

All HE students will be required to commit themselves to the payment of the full fee due and they must provide evidence that they have sufficient finance to pay course fees or have made a genuine commitment to access financial assistance.

The payment of fees is the responsibility of each student and they may be paid by cash, cheque, credit/debit card or other method approved by the College. Students will be required to pay all course fees at enrolment unless otherwise determined by the College. They are normally collected during enrolment at the beginning of the academic year, but where appropriate, additional fees may be collected at enrolment throughout the year – these additional charges are highlighted within each course’s information section.

Tuition Fee and Course Grant
A fee grant of up to £1,230 and a course grant of £265 may be available to those students who earn less than £16,000 and are progressing to a course above Level 3. The tuition fee and course grants are not repayable.
Students must complete a Student Loans Company PTG1 application having attended the College for at least 2 weeks. Once confirmation of your grant award is received, you will be refunded the amount you paid at the time of enrolment, and your fees claimed on your behalf from the Student Loans Company tuition fee grant.
EU Students fill out a EUPTG1 and send it to Student Loans Company, Darlington.


New and continuing PT HE students can apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £3,022.50 for their tuition fees. The loan is non means tested but it is repayable. Students who do not qualify for a full grant can apply for the outstanding fee via the tuition fee loan option. Students must be studying at a 50% full time equivalent intensity to qualify for the tuition fee loan. Applications will be available April / May 2017.

Further information on the tuition fee grant and loans is available on www.studentfinanceni.co.uk or contact your local Education Authority Student Finance team.

SRC Part-time HE Course Fees for 2016/17 are calculated as indicated in Part-time HE fee calculation below:

 £1.80 per hour x Number of taught hours per week x Number of weeks

These course fees are reviewed annually and are normally calculated in line with inflation but may also be subject to charges applied by central government and awarding bodies. The tuition fees for Southern Regional College HE part-time courses 2016/17 are listed on the individual HE course information pages from the end of May each year. Full fees are due at enrolment but part-time HE students with a household income below £16,842 may pay a minimum of £100 or 25% of the full fee. Students on a low income who are not eligible for any other source of funding can discuss alternative arrangements, including instalment plans, with the Student Finance staff. If the student is not eligible for support they must pay the full fee at enrolment. When the College receives payment from the Education Authority (EA), then a refund will be processed for the deposit to be returned to the student. If the College does not receive payment from the Education Authority (EA), the student is still responsible for the payment of the outstanding fees.

Where a student is sponsored by an organisation,a letter of confirmation,or the appropriate employer liability form, is required to enable enrolment and registration to take place. Organisations and employers who sponsor students are liable for the full cost of the course fee – there are no concessions. Late payments may be charged interest and non-payers will have legal proceedings taken against them to recover outstanding fees together with any administrative
costs incurred. If the student leaves the sponsor’s employment after the start date of the course, the fee liability remains with the sponsor. If the student leaves the sponsor’s employment before the course starts, the sponsor should notify the College in writing, before the course starts, to withdraw their support. In these cases, the course fee liability will transfer to the student. If the College is not notified in writing in advance of the start date the fee liability remains with the sponsor. The one exception to this concerns the payment of the part-time tuition fees by Student Finance NI which by regulation is only liable to pay the reduced tuition fee if applicable

Higher Education Award

Part-time HE students may receive a Fee Grant of up to £1,230 depending on how intensive the course is and a course grant of up to £265 towards books, travel expenses and other course costs. This is means tested on household income. EU students may only get a fees allowance. Students should complete a PTG1 Form which is signed by the College and returned to their local Education and Library Board. This form can be obtained from
any SRC Campus Reception or online via www.studentfinanceni.co.uk.

Hardship Fund

If a full-time or part-time HE student is in hardship and needs extra financial support, SRC can provide financial assistance through its Support Funds.
All students over 18 on 1st July 2016 or turning 18 during the 2016/2017 academic year who are in financial hardship, may apply to the Hardship Fund for financial assistance.

Disabled Students’ Allowances Full-time and part-time HE students who seek additional support as result of a disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty are required to make an application for Disabled Students’  Allowance (DSA) before the College can put support arrangements in place. Please be advised, it is essential that you apply for DSA prior to commencing your course so that your support can be made available on commencement
of your course. Students must apply for DSA to their local Education Authority. DSAs can help with the cost of a non-medical helper (e.g. mentor or note taker), items of specialist equipment, travel and other course-related costs.
For further information and guidance please contact your SRC Campus Learning Support Co-ordinator or visit www.studentfinanceni.co.uk

Further Information
For more information on Higher Education student support, forms and guidance, students can contact Student Finance N.I via www.studentfinanceni.co.uk or contact the SRC Campus Services Team 0300 123 1223.
For more information on the following SRC College Policies:
•Fees Policy
•Fees Refund
•Fees Schedule and Annual Charges (2016/17)
•Hardship Fund Policy
Please visit: www.src.ac.uk/tm-about-us/about/policies