Students Union

The Student Union is your Student Union and has something to offer everyone. The Student Union ensures that your views and opinions are shared and valued as well as providing training and social opportunities for all students involved.

Do you want to give back to your College and get paid to develop your skills and add to your CV?  The why not apply for nominations for election to be our new Student Governor for 2017-18. Nominations for other voluntary Student Union posts are also open at this time. If you are a returning student in Sept 2017 then you are eligible to nominate yourself for election to these posts.


Student Governor

The post of the Student Governor is a paid position that will require the successful candidate to attend regular meetings and perform duties as part of the Governing body of the College. This role is a vital part of the Student Union and as such carries responsibilities. Full training is provided to all incoming Student Governors and although there is some work involved, it is a very rewarding role. This is an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into how the College is run, participate in decision making in the College and also develop your skills, confidence and CV. Attached is a nomination form that will explain the rates of pay as well as the role in more detail.


Student Union Officer.

Also attached is the nomination forms for the election of our voluntary Campus Student Union Officers. These are voluntary positions that require approx. – 3-4 hrs per month to attend meetings as well as support the Student Activities team in running and developing events and activities across SRC. We need students to get involved to support us in enhancing and enriching life for students at the College. There are 5 Officer Positions available and the attached pack provides details of all these roles.


Closing date for applications is Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 4pm.


Full details on how to apply are contained in the attached nominations forms- elections will take place on Monday 8th May 2017.


Class Reps

Class Reps are elected in your class groups through your personal tutor. The role of the Class Reps is very important and rewarding, you can build your CV, develop leadership skills as well as working with staff to enhance the lives of students. Class Reps also get involved in charity days and activity days on campus and help the Student Union to plan the formal. The Class Rep handbook sets out all of the information and guidance that you will need once elected and you will also have the support of the Activities Officer on your campus. training for Class Reps will take place in October and the dates for this will be provided through your personal tutor.

Campus Officers

Officers are elected by students from the whole campus rather than just your class. To get elected you must nominate yourself have complete a form { this is included in the 2016 election pack below} You can also speak to one of our team at Fresher's week as well as during democracy week Coffee mornings { Dates and locations below}. PLEASE LEAVE COMPLETED FORMS WITH THE ACTIVITIES OFFICER ON YOUR CAMPUS OR EMAIL THEM TO :

Once you are nominated you will campaign to get as many people to vote for you in the election in October, the campaigning is a fun way to meet new people and have fun. One elected Officers get a free hoodie, entry into the formal, access to residential training trips and activities and opportunities to complete their Millennium Volunteer award so its a great way for you to build your CV and profile!

 How to become a class rep information packpdficon small

Class rep handbookpdficon small

Student Union Election packpdficon small

If you are interested in getting involved and affecting change then pick up a nomination pack from the Main Reception on your campus or from the Student Activities Coordinator.

For further information contact Catherine Shipman on