SRC NOTICE (Updated Wednesday 13th January 2021)

The College reopened on 4th January in line with guidance issued by the Department for the Economy. The College will remain open, with the majority of teaching delivered online until after the mid-term break (22nd February).

In light of the ongoing Covid situation, the College has taken the decision to postpone all BTEC and Essential Skills exams scheduled to take place in January and February. In line with the Minister’s statement on 6th January, no student will be disadvantaged as a result of this decision and further information on assessment arrangements will be provided as soon as possible.

From 14th January the College will further limit the number of TFS and apprentices required to come onsite. All TfS and Apprenticeship training programmes will move to remote learning to the maximum extent possible. It will only be in exceptional circumstances that trainees/apprentices will be required to come onsite and this is likely to be limited to assessment and examinations that cannot be delayed to later in the year. Should you be required to come onsite your Course Co-ordinator will inform you accordingly, so please maintain contact with the College and your lecturers.

Some part-time courses due to start in January/February may be postponed and those enrolled will be notified with an alternative start date. Some existing part-time courses will revert to online delivery (or be suspended until mid-February) and students will be informed as to the nature of their course delivery.

Learning Resource Centres remain open to students unable to access online lessons from home. Student services and limited canteen facilities are also available to students during this period. Student queries should be directed to Course Co-ordinators. General queries should be emailed to 

Further information is available on the College's Covid-19 information page 

Current News

Winter Series of Webinars

SRC Business Support & Innovation Team

Winter Series 2020/21

  Upcoming Webinars

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Marketing How do you know if your spend is effective1



Darren McSherry is a Chartered Marketer, Lead Consultant and eCommerce Industry Specialist with the SRC.

At this webinar Darren will discuss and review the difference between marketing and commercial marketing.

He will explore:

  • Looking beyond marketing vanity metrics
  • It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove concept
  • Marketing versus commercial marketing
  • Commercial marketing measurement & techniques

Can your business afford to be investing in marketing that does have a commercial orientation and/or has little to no clear commercial measurement framework?

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Intro to Photography Photoshop for Business21



At this Webinar Darren will:

  • Discuss considerations for taking better protographs
  • Explore different camera capabilities
  • Provide a short Photoshop tutorial on common business requests

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Using AR VR



 At this Webinar Cathal & Kieran will discuss:

  • How to use Art Beamer as a sales tool for selling arts and crafts
  • How to set and use the FYUSE application for sales
  • How to establish your own Virtual Reality Art Gallery

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Upcoming Webinars





At this Webinar we explored:

  • The opportunity selling online presents
  • A review of eCommerce software platforms
  • Best practice guide to selling online
  • Top tips to generate online awareness and sales opportunities

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This Webinar was brought to you by our Food Innovation Technology Specialists Brenda Kelleghan & Emma Lyttle. They were joined by Dean Coppard, Industry Mentor & Graham Farthing, Senior Environmental Health Officer (Food Safety). They covered:

  • Covid-19 food trends
  • How to innovate in a pandemic
  • How to make products retail ready
  • How restaurants are getting ready for reopening

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 Virtual Rooms



This Webinar was brought to you by our IT & Tourism Innovation Specialists, Cathal McDonnell & Kieran Swail and it covered:

  • How virtual rooms can work for your business
  • Introduction to Mozilla Hubs
  • Holding live conversations in a virtual environment
  • Interactive Touchpoints - linking to eCommerce
  • Future Solutions

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Follow up documents: AR For Business & Artbeamer Guide


Podcast followup


This Podcasting Webinar was brought to you by our Tourism Innovation Specialist Kieran Swail and it covered:

  • How to create a Podcast - basic steps
  • Using an App to record content
  • Introduction to Editing
  • Producing intros and outros
  • Promoting and distributing your Podcast

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Cyber Security



This Webinar was brought to you by our IT Specialist Brian McGee.
The focus was on small businesses and how they can protect themselves from cyber crime and it covered:

  • Good passwords
  • Account hygiene
  • Data encryption
  • Browsing safely
  • Emails & fraud
  • GDPR

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Additional Resources


Lean Implementation for SMEs in all Industries



This Webinar focused on Lean Manufacturing and was delivered by our Innovation Specialist Jimmy Moore and it covered:

  • What are the fundamentals of Lean Thinking?
  • The importance of understanding what your customers see as value
  • Lean manufacturing transferred to a Lean office
  • Implementation in customer facing industries – Services, Tourism
  • How to take the first steps

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Initial Steps in Setting Up Your 1st Online Shop



 At this Webinar Darren explored:

  • 2 of the leading eCommerce solutions
  • Practical considerations, preparation as well as steps in setting up your 1st
  •  online store
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Save time and effort with smart automation tools

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Copy of SRC what we do how we can help you



Join us to hear success stories from local business on how SRC has helped them to do #BetterBusiness

Find our about funded support and training oppoortunities available.

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Tips for Delivering Live or Pre Recorded Training1


At this Webinar Kieran & Brian:

  • Demonstrated how to set up and deliver live broadcast
  • Recorded training or a demonstration with 2+ phones including your mobile phone
  • Discussed how to use recording applications such as ManyCam and Zoom

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How to Make Your Food Products Retail Ready21



At this Webinar Brenda discussed:

  • Latest food labelling requirements for food businesses 
  • Mandatory Information for labelling of retail, pre-packed products 
  • New Allergen Legislation update for small businesses

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Lean Re Visited


At this Webinar Jimmy discussed:

  • How you can have customised inventory management & scheduling systems using low/no cost software
  • Visual Basic and SQL coding, and how they can easily be used to get efficiencies in your business

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Designs for Manufacturing1


At this Webinar James explored the concept of DFM - Design for Manufacture and discuss 5 factors that affect manufacturability:

  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Material
  • Environment
  • Testing


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Digital Futures at SRC

SRC recently launched the Digital Futures Data Analytics Academy which was developed in partnership with the Belfast City Regional Deal as a response to the challenges posed by Covid-19 and the need to support people impacted due to the ongoing pandemic, and recognising the need to invest in skills to support the growth of the IT sector in NI.

Skills Competitors Gavin Rice, Jordan Mark, Jenny Smyth, Aine Devlin, Kieran Magee, Michael Skora.

Pictured Above, Graduates particing on the programme alongside Stephen Heron, CDAC Curriculum Area Manager, Tracy Rice, Head of Employer Engagement and Sylvia Moorhead, Business Development Executive.

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Moypark Upskilling with BSI

The Business Support and Innovation Centre recently set up a 30 week upskilling programme with Moypark Dungannon. 

Skills Competitors Gavin Rice, Jordan Mark, Jenny Smyth, Aine Devlin, Kieran Magee, Michael Skora.

Pictured Above is Lecturer, Mark Fullerton, Engineering Curriculum Area Manager, Kyle Mulholland, Production Manager Moy Park, Francisco Silva & Business Development Executive Margaret McNamee alongside Moypark employees. 

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