Armagh Campus - Estates Strategy

New Armagh Campus – Opening 2020

The new campus at Armagh, due for completion early 2020, is to be constructed on the existing Lonsdale Road site. The building features approximately 14,000m2 of specialist accommodation across a number of curriculum areas facilitating the current curricula offered in Armagh with the option for further extension of provision. Curriculum during the construction phase has been relocated to the existing Southern Regional College Campus at Lisanally Road and the College has also secured additional premises on the Killylea Road in Armagh. 

The new campus building has been designed to facilitate world class professional and technical education and training.  A key feature is the provision of 1000m2 innovation hubs through which students will engage with business and industry in real world industrial projects and challenges.  It will also include learning facilities required for learning at degree and postgraduate levels. This includes the provision of a new state of the art Learning Resource Centre, integrated student social areas and Learning Support services as well as the following:

  •  Ceramic, photography and fine art studios
  •  Industry-leading dance, music and performing arts facilities
  •  Five industry leading construction and engineering workshops
  •  Two hair and beauty salons – open to the public

For more information, contact the project team on:
T: 0300 123 1223


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