Course Code DP2PAD
Level 2
Location Greenbank
Day and Time Subject to Timetable
Weeks 36
Course Fee N/A
Concession Fee N/A
Exam & Reg Fee N/A
Other Fee N/A
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Course Description

DURATION: 1-4 years depending on how many levels you want to progress through


Everyone knows what painters and decorators do but the work they do in the construction industry is much more skilled than DIY. Oil rigs, bridges and steelwork need heavy duty coatings, while stately homes and five-star hotels need painters and decorators who can apply a wide range of wall coverings and paint systems to ceiling and wall areas.


You will need to be good with your hands and have a good eye for detail. Much of the work is indoors but there is plenty of outside work as well. You will need to be quite fit and be prepared to travel to different sites. You will also need to discuss colours and types of finish with clients or householders, so the ability to communicate well is important.


Modules include:

Preparation of surfaces for painting & wallpapering
Selection and application of paints & wallpaper
Use of airless spray equipment.
Broken colour work
Wood staining and varnishes
Rag rolling, colour washing, clouding, marbling and graining
Figure and straight grain techniques
Health and Safety
Essential Skills in Communication, Application of Number and Information Technology. Applicants who have achieved GCSE English, Mathematics or IT at grades A-C, will be exempt from the equivalent essential skill.


Depends on entry level and experience, the tutor will advise you after consultation. See admissions criteria for further details.


You may progress through the levels and then to higher education, alternatively you may go straight into employment or become self employed.


Patrick Maguire

Email or telephone 028 3839 7850 or 0300 123 1223

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