Higher Education Learning Support

Grants for Disabled Students

Students with disabilities applying for a Higher Education course and require additional support will need to apply to their local Education Authority (EA) office for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). DSA funds the additional support required for students who have a diagnosed learning difficulty and/or disability who are studying on a Higher Education course. It is important that this application is made as early as possible and preferably in advance of commencing their course.

The application is made by the HE student directly to their local EA in advance of commencing their course. Please refer to the following website to get guidance on how to apply for DSA and begin this application process as soon as possible: https://www.studentfinanceni.co.uk/types-of-finance/postgraduate/northern-ireland-student/extra-help/disabled-students-allowances/what-are-they/#main


Learning Support Co-ordinators will also be able to offer advice guidance.