DAVRA Show Glimpse of Future to Computing Students

Students from the  Foundation Degree in Computing and Networking Systems in Newry campus were given an opportunity to see some of the exciting future developments that are looming on the horizon within the concept of IoT(Internet of Things) by Davra Networks. Joe Quinn and Kestutis Kamantauskas from Davra Networks, visited the college to talk to students about some of the projects they are currently working on and to give students an understanding of "how it all fits together" meaning how college units such as programming and networking are used in a real development environment and are not necessarily two separate vocations, but their knowledge and application can be combined within the IOT.

Davra Networks are a software development company that have significant links with Cisco and are at the forefront of developing and using IoT technology. These objects contain embedded technology to interact with internal states or the external environment. In other words, when objects can sense and communicate, it changes how and where decisions are made, and who makes them.

The presentation started with Joe giving a brief introduction into the company, then Kestutis (a recent university graduate working with Davra on a Fusion program, funded by Intertrade Ireland and working with Southern Regional College) gave students a flavor of what it is like to be a recent graduate, taking up their first post, and what an employer's expectations are. Students found this really useful and alleviated their worries about a lot being expected of them on day one of their employment. Kestutis talked to students about his work on Davra's Ruban platform and how projects that he worked on have now been implemented as part of a commercial product being marketed by CISCO.
Finally, Joe took students through some of the major advancements that his company are working on within the area of IoT, projects relating to Smart Cities, Smart Environment and Smart Transport, the later being the most intriguing development, which will ultimately lead to vehicle to vehicle communication and the introduction of self driving transport.

Davra 658

Davra Networks staff Joe Quinn and Kestutis Kamantauskas along with SRC Computing staff and students