Product testing underway at the recently completed Food Development Kitchen in Greenshoots, Newry. This is a dedicated space to help businesses research, develop and reformulate products.

Led by Food Innovation Specialist Emma Lyttle, a variety of cordials from The Bird Garden were tested.

The cordials are delicious with tonic or sparkling water and make up your favourite mocktail or cocktail. Taking away the stress, pressure and time commitments needed to serve up that drink, the cordials offer an exciting blend of flavours to compliment alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

A selection of 9 cordials were tested in the session by Business Support & Innovation Staff. The cordials were viewed for aesthetic appearance, branding and most importantly the first smell and taste.

The session is part of support package offered by BSI through funding received from the Department of Economy’s InnovateUs programme. Get in touch today if your business needs help with building your product at E: or T (028) 3839 7778 / (028) 3025 9664.