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Further Education: Part-Time

Further Education: Part-Time

Students may be entitled to a concession fee for part-time courses if they are in receipt of any of the following and produce evidence at enrolment:

  • Guaranteed Pension Credit;
  • Housing Benefit (Rates Rebate) or Rate Relief;
  • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance (Copy of SSA letter of current entitlement to benefit);
  • Income Support Allowance (Copy of SSA letter of current entitlement to benefit);
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (Copy of SSA letter of current entitlement to benefit);
  • Working Tax Credit & Child Tax Credit: only where total income is confirmed in evidence as being below the qualifying threshold £16,190 (Copy of NHS Exemption Certificate or Tax Credit Award Notice Form TC602);
  • Full time students (proof required-student ID/letter from school);
  • Republic of Ireland means tested benefit
  • Universal Credit (within the qualifying threshold)

The concession fee will be 50% of tuition fees with a minimum amount of £30. No concession fee for recreational courses.
Any exam or material fees must be paid in addition to the concession fee at enrolment.

Further Education Grants

This applies to courses totalling 8 hours or more a week or a full time equivalent i.e. Access Courses, Private Secretary's, NVQ Beauty, Hairdressing, Catering Childcare, Care (in College), CACHE.

  • Students must be over 19 years by 1 July.
  • Fees will be means tested - based on household income under £25,000;
  • Grant of £265 for course related costs (this grant is means tested).
  • Students must be progressing (i.e. studying a course at a higher level to what they have already achieved).
  • Closing date is 30th September
EU Students - Fees only

A Part Time Further Education Application form should be completed. Closing date of 30 September. Applications must be fully completed and necessary documents attached before they will be accepted.
Students who have not received their FE Grant notification by time of enrolment must pay full fees due. If students are in receipt of benefits they pay the concessionary fee and these fees will be refunded at a later date on receipt of the FE Grant notification.

Hardship Fund

Students aged 18 or over whose circumstances have changed since enrolment and find themselves in Financial Hardship, may receive help from the SRC Hardship Fund only if they have exhausted all other sources of finance. Students should complete a Hardship Fund application form and return to Campus Services on their campus. Applications will only be accepted when fully completed and supported with all the relevant evidence attached and signed off by the course tutor. Hardship Fund is an exhaustible fund .

Part time students may be entitled to a partial refund of fees for Certified courses if they meet the criteria below:

  • Student over 18 years old or over can apply, or students can apply on or after their 18th birthday
  • Must not be repeating and show academic progression. All forms must be signed by the course tutor
  • Gross household income is below £22,930
  • Household income between £22,930 and £33,950 could be eligible for assistance with fees paid and also maintenance support
  • Student must pay tuition and exam/registration fees at time of enrolment. Student can complete a Part-time Fees Assistance Form to claim percentage refund for fees paid
  • In exceptional circumstances where a student cannot pay fees upfront, the student must speak with the Campus Services Coordinator on campus to discuss
  • Courses that are 6 hours or more per week, may receive money towards travel. Students must fully complete the course related needs assessment section of the application
  • HE Students may be entitled to travel costs only from the Hardship Fund
  • Students in receipt of EMA may be elegible for equipment costs for their course
  • Receipts must be provided and verified by your tutor, for equipment purchased for your course i.e. Hairdressing and Beauty Kits

Please note, hardship payments are dependent on student attendance.