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The Northern Ireland Executive has announced a number of new restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland.

These measures come into effect on Friday 16th October and will be in place for four weeks.

In light of these new restrictions we would like to assure our students that teaching and learning WILL continue at SRC during this period.

For more details please visit https://www.src.ac.uk/the-college/covid-19-info 

Higher Education: Full-Time

Higher Education: Full-Time

The College is committed to ensuring that students can benefit from high quality courses whilst paying lower tuition fees.

Student finance applications for the forthcoming academic year are now available from Student Finance NI new win icon.

Higher Education Tuition fees for the forthcoming academic year will be £2,500. As a student, you will have two main costs to meet: tuition fees and living costs.

Chief Executive's Scholarship Award

As part of Southern Regional College’s commitment to Widening Access and Participation for partner schools, we are launching eight new Higher Education Scholarships open to year 1, full-time Higher Education students. Application is open to students who are beginning year 1 on any Pearson Higher National Diploma qualification or Foundation Degree qualification at the named campuses on a full-time basis. Each scholarship is awarded at £1,000 per year for each student. Each total scholarship award is therefore valued at £2,000 over the two years of their study at SRC.

All applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be starting year 1 of a full-time Pearson Higher National Diploma or full-time Foundation Degree in the academic year 2020/2021.
  • Applicants must provide evidence of meeting the entry criteria for the programme of study applied for.
  • Applicants must provide evidence showing that they/their spouse or parents are in receipt of a means-tested benefit or that the household income falls below £22,930.
  • Applicants must submit a fully complete signed Scholarship Form which must include the names of two referees, one of which should be academic.
  • Applicants, as part of the application process, must also submit a 500-word statement on why they feel they should receive one of the eight Southern Regional College Chief Executive’s Scholarship Awards, why they want to study this course and their career ambitions. They should add any further comments in support of their application in this statement including involvement in extra-curricular activities and community/voluntary activities.

To apply for the Chief Executive's Scholarship Award, please click here .

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for Southern Regional College HE full-time courses 2020/21 are £2,500 per annum. Course fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to charges applied by central government. A full-time HE student may not be permitted to enrol unless they pay tuition fees or provide evidence of their application to the Student Loans Company (SLC). Full-time HE students not applying to the Student Loans Company for a loan must pay full fees at enrolment unless instalment arrangements have been approved by the Finance Department. Any amounts paid by HE students which are subsequently funded by the Education Authority or Student Loans Company will be refunded to the student. All students applying for or in higher education should fill in an ‘Application for Student Finance - PN1 Form’ to determine the level of maintenance grant/loan and tuition fee loan available to them. This form can be obtained from any SRC Campus Services or online via https://www.studentfinanceni.co.uk/

All HE full-time students must apply through their local Education Authority (EA). Students from the Republic of Ireland should apply through Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) via www.studentfinance.ie

Under the new scheme for tuition fees, all eligible full-time students will be able to apply for a student tuition fee loan to cover the full amount of their tuition fees. Tuition Fee Loans will allow full-time HE students to borrow up to £9,000 to cover their course tuition costs and this paid directly to the College by the Student Loans Company. The tuition fee loan is available to Home and EU students studying in Northern Ireland and it is not means tested. It does not have to be paid back until the student is earning above a specific level. This loan is not means tested and students only start to repay the loan once they have left the course. Application for this loan is through Student Finance NI

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Once approved, tuition fees will be paid directly to the College in termly installments as per attendance confirmation.


Living Costs

The amount you need to live on as a student will depend on your particular circumstances; however, most of your money is likely to be spent on the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Clothes
  • Study materials - books, equipment etc.
  • Social and leisure activities

No one should be prevented from entering higher education because they cannot afford the costs - that is why there is financial help available to all eligible students. This help comes from the following main sources:

  • Tuition Fee Loan
  • Maintenance Loan - loan towards your living costs
  • Maintenance Grant - grant for eligible students towards living costs –means tested on parent/guardian income
  • SRC Hardship Fund – for students facing severe financial hardship

Students apply for the Tuition Fee Loan, Maintenance Loan and Maintenance Grant by making an application online at www.studentfinanceni.co.uk. The Student Loans Company will issue a financial notification informing the student exactly what financial help the student has been granted. Students must take the financial notification to the College on the first day of term. The College will confirm the student's enrolment. The student's first termly payment will be paid into the student's bank account within a few days from the student loan company. SLC payments will be made to the student (grant/loan) and the College (tuition loan) as student attendance is confirmed each term.

The tuition fee and maintenance loans are repayable, but only when you leave the course. A maintenance grant is not repayable unless here is a reassessment of entitlement by SLC, or you withdraw from your course.
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HE Course Sponsors

Where a student is sponsored by an organisation, a letter of confirmation, or the appropriate employer liability form, is required to enable enrolment and registration to take place. Organisations and employers who sponsor students are liable for the full cost of the course fee – there are no concessions. Late payments may be charged interest and non-payers will have legal proceedings taken against them to recover outstanding fees together with any administrative costs incurred.

If the student leaves the sponsor’s employment after the start date of the course, the fee liability remains with the sponsor. If the student leaves the sponsor’s employment before the course starts, the sponsor should notify the College in writing, before the course starts, to withdraw their support. In these cases, the course fee liability will transfer to the student. If the College is not notified in writing in advance of the start date the fee liability remains with the sponsor. The one exception to this concerns the payment of the part-time tuition fees by Student Finance NI which by regulation is only liable to pay the reduced tuition fee if applicable.

Additional Support

Full-time HE Home students with children may be entitled to a childcare allowance if the child is being looked after by a registered childminder. The maximum Childcare Grant
for continuing students studying in academic year 2020/21 is:

  • up to £148.75 a week for one child; or
  • up to £255 a week for two or more children

Disabled Students’ Allowances
Full-time and part-time HE students who seek additional support as result of a disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty are required to make an application for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) before the College can put support arrangements in place. Please be advised, it is essential that you apply for DSA prior to commencing your course so that your support can be made available on commencement of your course. Students must apply for DSA to their local Education Authority. DSAs can help with the cost of a non-medical helper (e.g. mentor or note taker), items of specialist equipment, travel and other course-related costs.

Additional support is available for:

Students with disabilities
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Students with childcare responsibility
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Students supporting an adult dependent
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International Students

Overseas students (those outside the EU and EEA), will be charged fees, which cover the total cost of their tuition. The fees from September 2020 for full-time students will be: £6,895 for Higher Education

Withdrawal and Refunds

Full payment of the tuition fees becomes the responsibility of the student on commencement of their course.

Fees will only be cancelled or refunded in the following circumstances:

  • Your chosen course is cancelled by the College.
  • You withdraw before the start date of the course or up to the end of the 2nd week
  • In exceptional circumstances such as serious illness a refund may be made on a pro rata basis on receipt of medical evidence
Widening Participation Higher Education Bursary


The long term vision of the College is based on our desire to provide relevant and meaningful vocational learning opportunities delivered through quality and innovative teaching.
To be the leading provider of professional and technical training - prized by individuals and employers in the local community and beyond.



To transform lives through meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences.
The Southern Regional College’s vision for widening participation is that any eligible individual in its catchment area should be able to gain access to, and succeed within, higher education, irrespective of their personal or social background. At Southern Regional College, we want to ensure financial considerations do not stop you from applying to the College. Equally, we want to ensure that you have the financial support you need while you study.
The WP HE Bursary Scheme provides bursaries of £250 per year for students:

  • with household incomes of less than £19,203 and/or
  • Care Leavers / Care Experienced Applicants

There will be no limit to the number of bursaries available – every student who meets the eligibility criteria will receive one.


Are you eligible for a WP HE Bursary & or WP HE Care Leaver Bursary of £250?

If you can answer 'yes' to the following questions, you should be eligible for a WP HE Bursary.

  • Is your household income less than £19,203 per year?
  • Are you in receipt of a full maintenance grant?
  • Have you consented to share information through your SLC application?

And/ or

  • You are a Care Leaver/Care Experienced

Care Leavers / Care Experienced Applicants should note that they may also qualify for a WP HE Care Leaver Bursary of £250


How and when do you apply?

WP HE Bursary Scheme

The Student Loan Company (SLC) will automatically assess you for a College Bursary when you apply for a Maintenance Grant/Loan. We advise you to apply to SLC by the end of August, if possible, as processing your application takes up to 6 weeks. This would allow your bursary to be fully approved for the payment date in late January providing your attendance is satisfactory and you are making academic progress.

WP HE Care Leaver Bursary

Once you have provided details and evidence of your status as a Care Leaver your bursary to be fully approved for the payment date in late January providing your attendance is satisfactory and you are making academic progress.


How and when will I know if I am going to receive a Bursary?

The SLC will inform those students who are entitled to a bursary outlining the details of payments and confirming bank details. Payment will be subject to the College successfully confirming your attendance.


Important information for continuing students

Students’ entitlement to a WP HE Bursary will be reassessed at the beginning of each academic year. There are several reasons for this, the most important being that your financial circumstances may have changed, and therefore, your eligibility. WP HE Care Leaver Bursary will only be reassessed on satisfactory progress.

Maintenance Grant and Loans
Maintenance Grant

This is a means tested non-repayable allowance and is intended to help cover living and study costs for
full-time HE students. The amount payable will vary depending on the level of household income. Currently, students with household incomes of £19,203 or less (including, independent students) will receive the full £3,475 Maintenance Grant.
If the household income is between £19,203 and £41,065
- a partial grant is paid. This maintenance grant is also available for ROI students studying full-time HE course. New students should apply through SUSI via www.

Maintenance Loan

The Student Loan is to help with a full-time HE student’s living costs. The amount of loan varies, however a student can receive up to £4,840 per annum, living away from home
and £3,750 per annum living at home. NOTE: If a student is entitled to a Maintenance Grant, they can also receive a Maintenance Loan but the maximum amount of loan they can receive will be reduced.

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Hardship Fund
Hardship Fund

This is a means tested non-repayable allowance and is intended to help cover living and study costs for
full-time HE students. The amount payable will vary depending on the level of household income. Currently, students with household incomes of £19,203 or less (including, independent students) will receive the full £3,475 Maintenance Grant.
If the household income is between £19,203 and £41,065
- a partial grant is paid. This maintenance grant is also available for ROI students studying full-time HE course. New students should apply through SUSI via www.

Further Information

For more information on Higher Education student support, forms and guidance, students can contact Student Finance N.I via www.studentfinanceni.co.uk or contact the SRC Campus Services Team 0300 123 1223.

For more information on the following SRC College Policies:

  • Fees Policy
  • Fees Refund
  • Fees Schedule and Annual Charges (2020/2021)
  • Hardship Fund Policy

 Please visit: Policies