COLLEGE NOTICE (Updated 12/04/21)

Resumption of delivery on College campuses continues to be limited to areas where skills training and assessment needs to take place on site. Unlike schools, Colleges of Further Education have not resumed delivery in full. The College is operating in line with the NI Executive’s Roadmap to Recovery and must wait on the Executive’s decision to trigger the next stage on the roadmap before resuming delivery.

The NI Executive is scheduled to review this later this week and should the decision be taken to trigger Stage 2 of the Roadmap to Recovery, the College will inform students accordingly. Until this takes place, students should continue to follow the direction provided by their course tutors and continue to monitor all communications via email, website and social media.


Learning Resource Centres are open for students unable to access online lessons from home. Student services and limited canteen facilities are also available. Student queries should be directed to Course Co-ordinators. General queries should be emailed to


The latest update from the Examination Regulator on the awarding of examinations/assessments can be found at  

Health and Wellbeing Hub

Health and Wellbeing Hub


The pressures on students and their families at this time are significant. These pressures can be increased for a variety of reasons including having to stay within the household and feeling isolated from your friends and other family members, through financial hardship or health anxiety. We have included some useful resources that offer advice and guidance on how to manage your mental health and wellbeing. 

Support Organisations

Health Clinic

Counselling Services

Student Activities

Student Wellbeing