Current DfC Projects


Southern Regional College operate a number of projects that are funded by the Department for Communities.

Training and Employment Opportunities Programme (TOPs)

This is a one year programme, the aim of which is to better equip young people engaged in SRC's School Partnership Programme (SPP), as well as those young people progressing from the SPP into Apprenticeships and other post-16 vocational skills sector programmes. Mentoring support will be provided to young people in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and IT. The TOPs programme will also provide training and employment opportunities with accredited qualifications (Level 2) to economically-inactive and low-paid workers living within the five Neighbourhood Renewal Areas of Armagh, Craigavon and Newry.

GROW Project

This one-year project has two distinct strands. The first strand involves horticultural training for 30 local residents. Residents will be trained in how to grow and care for plants, design and plan horticultural activities, as well as undertaking a level 2 accredited programme in horticulture management in their local community. All participants will engage in personal development and assertiveness training to enhance themselves and their chances of success in education and within the workplace.
The second strand will support residents in returning their newly acquired skills of horticulture to their own homes and community under the guidance of experts. The skills, qualifications and support offered in the GROW Project will be crucial in enabling people to find employment, or to facilitate everyday life at work or within education.

Enterprise Firm

The aim of this one year project is to provide a tailored entrepreneurial programme leading to the achievement of the BTEC Level 2 Award in Enterprise Skills for 27 people in the southern region.
The project aims to deliver accredited qualifications to economically inactive individuals or those who want to think about business start-up or pre Invest NI programmes. Enterprise firm participants learn how to work in a team, take on responsibility, and develop self-initiative and to improve soft, professional and technical skills.
The training will ensure local people gain the necessary skills and knowledge to either become an entrepreneur or find employment after they finish their work in an Enterprise firm

OCEANS Project

This is a one-year programme, the aim of which is to improve community well-being and skills through targeting residents intending to work in UK and Irish coastal waters. This project is for residents living in the Newry, Armagh and Craigavon Neighbourhood Renewal Areas.
Strand one of the project provides residents with accredited training in Essential Skills Literacy, Numeracy or IT.
Strand two provides a gateway to employability in the offshore industry. The project gives Basic Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) and Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) to new entrants to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. BOSIET & MIST are essential qualifications required by anyone seeking employment in this industry, providing knowledge of safety and emergency response procedures for working in offshore environments. The courses cover; Fire Fighting, First Aid, Helicopter Safety & Escape, Safety Induction and Sea Survival.