ERASMUS+ enables students and staff to study or work abroad across 33 European countries.

Southern Regional College has offered Lifelong Learning Programmes since 2007 and has held the HE Erasmus Charter since 2009. In September 2015 the College was awarded the prestigious ERASMUS+ VET Mobility charter.

Southern Regional College secured funding for 4 new Erasmus+ projects for the academic period 2015/17. These projects will allow 124 students and 30 staff to travel to Germany, Spain, Finland, Malta and Italy to undertake work placements and experience teaching and learning in other EU countries. The 4 projects are as follows:

Promoting Employability and Citizenship Enhancement (PEACE 1)

• The aims and objectives of this project marry the aims of the ERASMUS + programme
Supporting learners in the acquisition of competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) with a view to improving their personal development and employability in the European labour market
• SRC (Lead) + 2 partners: Vitalis GmbH, Germany and Azzurra Sportilia, Italy
• 60 students and 6 staff

Promoting Employability and Citizenship Enhancement 2 (PEACE 2)
• The main objectives of this PEACE 2 project are to improve the personal development of students and boost their skills by offering European work placements
• SRC is the lead partner. 4 x Partners: Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Finland, Luxol Sports Club, Malta, Europa-Berufsschule Weiden, Germany, Institut Joan Ramon Benaprès, Spain
• 60 students and 9 staff

Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility 1

Through Erasmus+ SRC’s External Funding and International Affairs Unit has secured funding for 4 staff to pursue stimulating opportunities for learning across Europe. This project will
enable 4 staff to spend 3 days each in a European country to carry out training/observation
The project will also enable 4 HE students to undertake a 2 month work placement within another European Country.

Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility 2
Staff will gain valuable life-skills and international experience to help them develop personally & professionally. The ERASMUS + programme should improve the quality of teaching and learning across SRC and will enhance our reputation and our international standing.

• To enable 11 staff to spend 3 days each in a European country to carry out work shadowing.

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