Higher Education: Part-Time

All HE students will be required to commit themselves to the payment of the full fee due and they must provide evidence that they have sufficient finance to pay course fees or have made a genuine commitment to access financial assistance.

The payment of fees is the responsibility of each student and they may be paid by cash, cheque, credit/debit card or other method approved by the College. Students will be required to pay all course fees at enrolment unless otherwise determined by the College. They are normally collected during enrolment at the beginning of the academic year, but where appropriate, additional fees may be collected at enrolment throughout the year – these additional charges are highlighted within each course’s information section.

Available funding

SLC Tuition Fee and Course Grant

A Student Loans Company tuition fee grant of up to £1,230 and a course grant of £265 may be available to those students who earn less than £16,842 and are progressing to a course above Level 3. The tuition fee grant and course grant are not repayable. Students should complete a PTL application available from any SRC campus reception or alternatively apply on line via the Education Authority website: www.studentfinanceni.co.uknew win icon
Students applying for a grant return Section Five of the application form to the college for Campus Services staff to complete and confirm course details.

New for September 2017 – SLC Tuition Fee Loan for Part Time HE

New and continuing part time HE students can also apply for a SLC tuition fee loan of up to £3,022.50 to cover tuition fees. The loan is non means tested but it is repayable.
Students who already hold a qualification which is equivalent or higher than the new qualification being undertaken will not be eligible for the part time undergraduate grant or loan.
Application forms are available from all our campuses. However, we would advise that students apply on line via the Education Authority website www.studentfinanceni.co.uk new win icon


Students who obtain an award notice (grant or loan) from SLC for full course fees will not have to pay any fees at the point of enrolment. The award notice will be sufficient to confirm that fees will be paid through SLC.
Students who obtain an award notice (grant or loan) from SLC for Partial course fees will have to pay remainder of fees at the point of enrolment.
Students who have applied for a grant or loan from SLC and have an acknowledgement letter confirming they have made an application will pay a minimum of £100 or 25% of the full course fee (whichever is higher) at the point of enrolment.
Students who have not applied for a loan or grant must pay full fees at enrolment.
On receipt of confirmation from SLC of a grant/loan award students will be refunded the amount paid to the college at the time of enrolment and the college will claim the remaining tuition fee from the Student Loans Company.
If you withdraw from your chosen course after 6 weeks attendance you will be liable for all outstanding tuition and exam fees ie where the College has not received a payment from SLC.

EU Students

Please see our section for EU Students who are studying in Northern Ireland.

Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)

These are supplementary allowances available to students who may have extra expenses, as a direct result of their disability, arising from attending a higher education course. The allowances are to help students benefit fully from their course; they are not based on household income.
To apply, you must first make contact with the DSA officer at your EA regional officenew win icon to determine your eligibility and who will provide details of where you can choose to have your Needs Assessment carried out. You should then contact the Learning Support Officer at the college, this person will make arrangements to assess your needs, arising from your disability, in following the course.
The application for DSA will then be made through your adviser to the Education Authority. It must be supported by evidence (e.g. from a doctor or educational psychologist), recommendations on the form of support needed and costs. Further details are available at Student Finance NI.new win icon

Hardship Fund

Students MUST have agreed to take the full amount offered to them by the Student Loan Company before making an application for assistance from the College Hardship Fund.

HE Course Sponsors

Where a student is sponsored by an organisation, a letter of confirmation, or the appropriate employer liability form (EF1), is required to enable enrolment and registration to take place. Organisations and employers who sponsor students are liable for the full cost of the course fee – there are no concessions. Late payments may be charged interest and non-payers will have legal proceedings taken against them to recover outstanding fees together with any administrative costs incurred.
If the student leaves the sponsor’s employment after the start date of the course, the fee liability remains with the sponsor. If the student leaves the sponsor’s employment before the course starts, the sponsor should notify the College in writing, before the course starts, to withdraw their support. In these cases, the course fee liability will transfer to the student. If the College is not notified in writing in advance of the start date the fee liability remains with the sponsor. The one exception to this concerns the payment of the part-time tuition fees by Student Finance NI which by regulation is only liable to pay the reduced tuition fee if applicable

Part Time Fee calculations

SRC Part-time HE Course Fees for 2017/2018 are calculated as indicated below:
£1.85 per hour x Number of taught hours per week x Number of weeks
These course fees are reviewed annually and are normally calculated in line with inflation but may also be subject to charges applied by central government and awarding bodies. The tuition fees for Southern Regional College HE part-time courses 2017/2018 are listed on the individual HE course information pages from the end of May each year.

Further Information

For more information on Part Time Higher Education student support, forms and guidance, students can contact Student Finance NI via www.studentfinanceni.co.uknew win icon or call NI Customer Support Office on 0300 100 0077, or email specific questions to studentfinance-PT@eani.org.uk

Students can also contact the SRC Campus Services Team 0300 123 1223.
Please visit the college’s Policies section for more information on the following SRC College Policies:
•Fees Policy
•Fees Refund
•Fees Schedule and Annual Charges (2017/2018)
•Hardship Fund Policy.