This year's Higher Education (HE) Graduation Ceremony is an important occasion for you as it marks the culmination of your years of hard work and determination. It is a proud day for you, your family and your friends and it is also a time to celebrate your achievement with your fellow students and College staff who have helped and guided you on your journey - we do hope that you enjoy your graduation day.

To ensure that you get the most out of your graduation experience, it is important that you pay particular attention to the following information to ensure that you prepare for the event in advance and that your graduation ceremony is both an enjoyable and memorable occasion for you and your family. It should be noted that Graduation is not a suitable event for young children.

Eligibility to Graduate

If you are eligible to attend Graduation, you will have received an email invitation on 23 May 2019 to your SRC student email account. Clicking on this email invitation link will enable you to register and pay via the Eventbrite system. THE DEADLINE FOR PURCHASING ATICKET FOR YOURSELF AND 1 or 2 GUEST (S) IS SUNDAY 9TH JUNE. Tickets are available to purchase at £35 – graduand only, £40 – graduand plus one guest, £45 – graduand plus two guests.
If extra guest tickets are available, they will be on sale from Monday 17th June on a first come first served basis (one extra guest ticket per Graduand only). These will go on sale via your SRC student email account and the Eventbrite system.
It is important to note that many students will not, at this stage, have received confirmation of their final mark and eligibility to graduate in August 2019. It is however essential that if you wish to attend Graduation 2019, you MUST register and pay for your required number of tickets NOW. Registration will close on Sunday 9th June. Full ticket(s) refunds will ONLY be issued if it is deemed by SRC Finance or the Course Awarding Body that you have not paid your fees in full or passed your course respectively. No refunds will be issued after 1st August 2019. It is important to note that the refund policy also applies to guest tickets.
Students who have to re sit examinations during the summer months or who have to submit additional work will NOT be eligible to graduate until August 2020.
Any student who currently has outstanding tuition fees WILL NOT be eligible to graduate or receive their certificate until the matter is resolved through the College's Finance Department

Academical Dress

Academical dress consists of a gown, a hood and a mortarboard. The different styles of gown indicate the levels of award. Similarly the different colours and bindings on hoods indicate the different types of award. Students attending graduation are known as Graduands and are required to wear full academical dress comprising gown, mortarboard and hood. It is advisable that Graduands bring a personal supply of pins to ensure that their hood is fixed to their gown appropriately.

What to Wear at Graduation

As most Graduands will not have worn academical dress before, the following guidance is offered. Gowns come in four sizes and you will be given a gown based on your height - details are included in the order form which follows. It is best not to wear silky material immediately under the gown as it will tend to slip off the shoulders. Hoods normally require to be pinned or buttoned to a shirt/blouse or jacket.
While the College does not prescribe what style of clothes should be worn under the gown, graduation is a formal ceremonial occasion marking an important achievement and stage in a student’s life. Graduands should, therefore, dress appropriately. Jeans, t-shirts, trainers and other casual items of clothing are not considered appropriate to be worn at graduation ceremonies.
Footwear: Please note we recommend that securely fitted shoes with a suitable heel height should be worn as Graduands are required to walk up and down ramps and/or steps to the platform to receive their award.


Upon successful completion of your course you are awarded a certificate to verify your achievement. The certificate includes your name, the type of award (certificate, diploma, degree), the subject of study and the classification of the award (if appropriate).

Collecting your Certificate

If you attend Graduation you will be presented with a Southern Regional College (SRC) certificate from the Chief Executive upon walking across the platform. On returning your gown, you will receive your ‘official’ certificate from your awarding body.
If you choose not to attend Graduation in person, your award is conferred “in absentia” and your certificate will be posted to you in due course from the SRC Examinations Office.
Graduation Admission Tickets

Upon successful payment of your graduation ticket, you will receive your ceremony ticket for you and your guest(s) electronically. It is essential that you PRINT your ticket and also PRINT a copy for EACH of your named guest(s). You will require your ticket to collect your academical dress from the hotel and also for you and your guests to gain admittance to the ceremony. Please note that your ticket will have a unique reference number which will be checked to gain entry. Please be aware that all SRC Learning Resource Centres/Libraries provide printing facilities which you can avail of.

Times and Arrival

Registration for Graduands opens at 8:30am and closes at 12 noon sharp. It is essential that all Graduands register within this time period in order to gain admittance to the ceremony. Guests can gain entry to the main auditorium at 1pm and must be seated no later than 1.20pm.


Photography Commences
(Booking ONLY through Opus Photography) 8.40am
Gown/Hood Collection 8:30am - 12:00pm sharp
Registration 8.30am - 12:00pm sharp
Graduands Admitted to Auditorium 12.45pm
Guests Admitted to Auditorium 1.00pm
Graduation Ceremony Commences 1.30pm

After the Ceremony

Graduates are required to return their academical dress items to the Gown Collection area before 4.30pm on graduation day. Graduates will be required to sign-in items upon their return. Failure to return items will result in a fee being charged. No academical dress items should be removed from the hotel.


Opus Photography is the official photographer for SRC Higher Education Graduation 2019. Photography orders and payments should be made directly to Opus Photography and NOT Southern Regional College. Opus Photography can be contacted via email: and/or Tel: 028 4066 2718.
Please be aware that the College photographers will be taking photographs on the day of the ceremony which may be used in College publicity material. If you do not wish for your photograph to be included in any College publicity, please make the College photographer aware of this on the day.