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Student Activities exists to enhance and support your student experience at Southern Regional College.

Getting involved with Student Activities is a fun way to meet new people, build your skills, build your CV and get the most out of your College life!
You can get involved in lots of different ways through the many activities that we run throughout the year.

Full details of upcoming events are updated regularly on the events calendar in this section. To find out more you can contact one of the Student Activities team:


Nicola Sullivan - Student Activities Coordinator -  07760750692

Jason Brennan- - Student Activities Officer Newry –
Anna Leahy- Student Activities Officer Newry-
Hannah Brown- Student Activities Officer Banbridge/Lurgan –
Ryan Butler- Student Activities Officer Portadown-



Student Activities run a range of exciting events throughout the year. For an up-to-date list of events please click here pdficon small

Freshers’ Fair
The Freshers' Fair at SRC is the highlight of the new semester. This event brings together exhibitors from a range of areas with freebies, competitions, volunteering opportunities and much much more to start SRC students' journey off with a bang!




The Student Activities team provide support to highlight the issue of bullying and to signpost those affected to the relevant support services. Throughout the year we deliver tutorials in the classroom as well as activities as part of Anti Bullying week.


For more information on Anti Bullying Week, please check out the Anti Bullying Forum website :

Tutorials and Seminars

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Health and Wellbeing Tutorials

The Student Activities Officers work across departments to deliver health and wellbeing tutorials on a range of subjects, including;

  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Drugs Awareness
  • Healthy Eating and Exercise
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Sexual Health
  • Smoking Awareness… and lots more!

For further information please contact the Student Activities Coordinator

Nicola Sullivan -


The Student Activities team also work with a number of outside agencies to bring guest speakers and seminar events to your campus throughout the year. These include:

  • Enterprise and business start up
  • ‘One Punch’ Alcohol and violet crime
  • ‘Without Consent’ – sexual health and relationships
  • ‘Gimmie 5’ – health and welling
  • ‘Start 360’ – Drugs and alcohol support.
    A full schedule of seminars is available from the events section of the website.
Health Promotion

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We run a wide variety of events and promotional days throughout the year where we focus on a range of health related topics. These events are interactive and fun and our aim is to raise awareness of the Health and Wellbeing Hub and healthy behaviors across College. Some of the activities include:

  • World Mental Health Day
  • Put It in Your Phone Day
  • Anti-Slavery day
  • World Aids Day
  • Cancer awareness days
  • Sexual health Week
  • Money Week and much more.

The digital world is exciting. Social media platforms and easily accessible information 24/7 can make life easier but can also bring pressures and dangers for students. According to the Safer Internet Centre 1 in 4 Young People are concerned about thie online reputations and 1 in 3 calls they deal with are concerned with reporting abuse.

Remember there are practical steps that you can take to protect yourself online.

1.  Be careful what you say on Twitter, Facebook and Social Networks. Remember:

STOP –Why are you posting this content?

THINK –  would you be happy for everyone to see it?


2. Get down with YOUR Privacy settings – Tweak and check these on a regular basis. Remember they differ from platform to platform. Make sure you update these on Smartphones and Tablet devices.

3.  Be careful with Apps which claim to offer texts and images which vanish. Once you click Send you lose control of this information and where your information can end up.

4. Create positive content to counteract any negative results which may be floating about.

 What we do today and every day is recorded and stored without any expiration date or delete button. Something posted as a Teen online or via social networks may still be still kicking around and accessible and may come back to haunt you when applying for your first job or perhaps getting into University. This is the first generation of young people to have to think about this. And the first generation of parents to worry about it too. Now is the time to start thinking about your Online Reputation and managing your digital footprint. Don’t let it limit your opportunities or land you on the wrong side of the law as a result of some foolish thing you’ve said online. Online Reputation Matters…. Look after yours.

More information about staying safe online can be found 



 Student Union A3 Poste 2019

The Student Union at SRC exists to support the views, opinions and interests of all students. As an enrolled students you are automatically a member of the Student Union. The Student Union is made up of two main bodies:

Class Reps

Class Reps are elected in your class groups with your personal tutor. Class Reps will attend consultative meetings with academic staff throughout the year as well as attending the Campus Council meetings with the Student Activities team three times per year. Further information on being a class rep and the role can be found in the class Rep pack below.

Student Union Officers

Student Union Officers are elected by the whole campus. Officers must nominate themselves and campaign to get students to vote for them.

SRCSU 18/19 Officer Elections. Please see the attached Officer Election Pack for details on Officer Roles and Responsibilities and current vacant positions.
Nominations will close on October 5th to allow nominees a week to campaign. Elections will then be taking place on Monday October 15th.
Further information on this/copies of election packs can be obtained by contacting the Student Activities Officer on your campus:
Newry: Jason Brennan & Anna Leahy
Armagh: Ryan Butler
Portadown: Ryan Butler
Banbridge/Lurgan: Hannah Brown

These positions are a fantastic opportunity for students to gain a range of new skills, add something to their CVs and interact with students and staff from across the College.
Details of planned meetings will be circulated as soon as the Portal has been populated and Officer elections have taken place.


Student Election pack April 2019

SRCSU Executive 2018-19

Campus President Newry

David Hanna

Campus President Armagh

Lukasz Wiktotowicz

Campus President Banbridge

Darcey McIlroy

Campus President Portadown

Chris Conlon

HE Officer Portadown

Caolan Mulholland

LGBTQ+ Officer Armagh

Jack Page

LGBTQ+ Officer Newry

Hayley Curran

Cultural Diversity Officer Newry

Shelby Connolly

Cultural Diversity Officer Portadown

Chris Conlon

Disability Officer Armagh

Zoya Robinson

Events & Activities Officer Armagh

Patryk Stachurski

Events & Activities Officer Newry

Niamh Dowdall

Events & Activities Officer Portadown

Ronan Welling

Student Governor

student governor

Tanya Troughton -

You can follow updates/stories and information on what’s happening in your Student Union on Facebook:

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