International Students Guide

International Students

Southern Regional College is one of the largest Colleges in Northern Ireland and is a UKVI Highly Trusted Sponsor.

Southern Regional College is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for students coming to Northern Ireland for the first time. For international students, there are huge benefits. The main advantage is the opportunity to live and study alongside students from Northern Ireland.

Fees - Full time Courses 2018/19

Studying in Northern Ireland can be great value for money. Degree courses are generally shorter than in the US and Australia because they are more intensive. Tuition fees cover the cost of your study at the College and include charges for registration, tuition, supervision, examinations and graduation. Payment of fees will also entitle you to membership of the Library.

To provide you with help in your financial planning, the College has detailed tuition fees for new international students. Any offer of a place at the College is made on the understanding that you have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition fees and your living expenses for the entire duration of your period of study.

Fees for each course per year are as follows:

Students from European Economic Area/Switzerland (EEA)
Further Education Courses £0
BTEC Nationals, NVQ Level 2 & 3 £0
Advanced Further Education Courses £0
Foundation Diploma Art, Private Secretarial £0
NVQ 4 Journalism, Advanced Diploma Childcare £0
Higher Education Courses £2,500
HND, Foundation Degrees £2,500

Students from NON European Economic Area/Switzerland (EEA)
Further Education Courses £4,665
BTEC Diploma, NVQ Level 2 & 3, £4,665
Higher Education Courses £6,895
HND, Foundations Degrees £6,895

Visa & Immigration

If you are from the European Economic Area/Switzerland (EEA), then you do not need visa. If you are not from the European Economic Area/Switzerland (EEA), you must not seek entry as a visitor if you intend to study. As a visa national, you cannot switch from visitor to student status once you are in the UK.

To comply fully with UK Immigrations we recommend that you adhere to the following:

  • Ensure that you have a valid passport
  • Obtain entry clearance before you travel. If you are from European Economic Area/Switzerland (EEA), you do not require a visa but may require entry clearance. If your course is longer than 6 months you must obtain entry clearance before you travel to the UK. If your course is less than 6 months, you can gain entry clearance at your point of entry to the UK.
  • If you require a visa to come to the Northern Ireland, you are granted it on condition that you can pay your tuition fees and living expenses (for you and your family) without having to depend on finding work in the Northern Ireland.

All costs, documents and forms are available from your British Embassy, High Commission. For further information on immigration and how to apply for entry clearance/visa, please read the UKCOSA guidance notes.


When you have been accepted for your visa we will assist you in finding accommodation. We have a list of local Estate Agents to help you find accommodation.

How to Apply


Once we have received your application to study one of our full-time courses, it will be passed to the appropriate course tutor for consideration. You must send the following translated into English, with your application form:

  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Photocopy of Certificate of any qualifications you have and their English translation and notarisation of documents
  • Original Academic record; if you are still studying, ask your school for a letter letting us know when you finish
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Recommendation letters from two referees who know you well

The Offer

A telephone interview can be arranged. When our tutors have decided on a course that is suitable for you, we will send you an Offer Letter and a request that you send us the deposit in Pounds Sterling.

Your Deposit

When we receive your deposit we will reserve your place. Deposit is one third of fees due. This deposit will ONLY be refunded if evidence of a visa refusal is submitted to the College. We will then process a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) so you can apply for your student visa.

Payment in Full

Remainder of the tuition fees must be paid at your enrolment on or before your first day at the College.


If you are unable to attend the course, you must inform us before the course starts. We will retain £100.00 for administration costs.

Financial Help - The Hammond Trust - Financial Assistance to International Students

This funding is to provide financial assistance for students so they may complete their studies in the UK when those studies are threatened with interruption owing to unexpected financial difficulties beyond the control of the student.

The Trust does not provide full academic scholarships. Grants are for living expenses only. The Trust does not make any payments towards tuition fees. The aim of financial assistance is to help a student to complete the last six months of a course of study, or complete a piece of research that has unavoidably overrun the availability of the funds on which the applicant has been subsisting. Grants will only be available in the final six months of a student's study. Students who have already completed their studies will not be eligible.

Financial Hardship

Financial hardship as defined by this Trust as a curtailment of funds sufficient to render further study impossible or extremely difficult, due to circumstances reasonably unforeseen and which are beyond the control of the applicant. The inability to budget adequately for expenses, while studying in the UK, does not constitute hardship as there are ample sources of information on living conditions and expenses in Britain are available to potential students in all countries.

Self Help

Applicants are expected to make every effort to meet their commitments from their own resources. Help from the Trust will not be invoked while financial help is still possible from the applicant's own authorities. There is, however, no objection to the Trust supplementing another award, if that award, is clearly limited and inadequate.


Grants will be confined to students who intend to return to their own countries, or, if that is debarred, to a similar country, on completion of their studies.


The Trust is only able to make grants to students from an eligible country (see below for a full list).


Over 18 years of age.

Subject of Study

Preference will be given to those following a course of study that will benefit the applicant's own country.

Place of Study

Grants will only be given to students who are studying in the UK at recognised institutions.

Completion of Study

Written confirmation of the applicant's successful completion of studies must be sent by the applicant's tutor or course leader.


Educational: Applicants should be studying for a degree, diploma or a professional qualification.
Character: The tutor or course leader must give a report on the applicant in Part B of the application form.