Health Promotion

We are a Health Promoting College that works to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce health inequalities through interventions in the College with students in partnership with other agencies.

The needs of our students are central in developing activities that promote better health and wellbeing and take the form of seminars, tutorials and one off awareness raising events. Each year a calendar of activities is developed in consultation with the Class Reps to ensure that students have access to support and information to help them make healthier choices.

The Health Promotion Programme includes:


These are one hour sessions delivered by the Student Activities Coordinator in your classroom on the themes of healthy eating, sexual health and relationships, cultural diversity and tolerance, anti bullying and mental health.


These are held at least once per term with different themes on each of the campuses and are delivered by our health promoting partners, including the Southern Health and Social Services Trust, Start 360, The Family Planning Association and Love for Life.

Health Clinics

The Health Clinic's mission is to empower young people to make informed choices and decisions about all aspects of their health and well-being, including their sexual health and personal relationships.

The Health Clinic is a free and confidential service for young people under 25, and operates on a drop in basis within some Further Education Colleges in the Southern Trust area. The Health Clinic is not an exclusive service for students within the College; it is available to all young people under 25 years old.

What does the Health Clinic Provide?

  • Relationship advice
  • BMI/Nutritional Advice
  • Smoking cessation advice and referral support
  • Alcohol and Drugs information
  • Promoting positive mental health
  • Advice on methods of contraception
  • Condom distribution
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Chlamydia testing and treatment
  • Free of charge Emergency Hormonal Contraception (morning after pill)

Young people can avail of Chlamydia testing at the clinics. No examination is required; the test involves a urine sample for males and self-taken vaginal swab for females. It is important that males have not passed urine for at least 2 hours before they give their urine sample. Any young person who tests positive for Chlamydia can be given the treatment required by the nurse at the clinic.

For an up to date schedule on The Health Clinic times and locations please contact
Andrew Martin,
The Health Clinic Support Worker
T: 028 37564484 / 07787452845

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For more information see the following contact details
Southern Health and Social care Trust

Family Planning Association

Gay and Lesbian Youth NI