Information Asset Register/Record of Data Processing

As Public Authorities and data controllers, the FE Sector is legally obliged to comply with both the Data Protection Act (2018) and the Freedom of Information Act (2000). The main principle behind both Acts is the public ‘right to know’. This may be either in relation to their own personal information or that of the organisation. The FE Sector has collaborated on the development of a single Retention and Disposal Schedule for all the Colleges.

The purpose of this schedule is to manage the life of records from their creation to their completion. The Retention and Disposal Schedule will determine whether records are to be preserved as archives, or to be destroyed. It provides guidance on retention of the records which are generated by the Colleges in the course of carrying out their functions and managing the Colleges as corporate bodies, and can be separated between personal data which is documented in the Record of Data Processing, or non-personal data which is documented in the Information Asset Register.