Senior Management Team

The senior management team at Southern Regional College is led by the College’s Principal and Chief Executive, Lee Campbell and comprises of senior managers from across the College’s academic and support functions.

The senior management team is responsible for implementation of College strategies and policies and for key operational matters. The team supports the Chief Executive in providing strategic leadership and in ensuring the most effective prioritisation of resources. They also pay a key role in advising and supporting the College’s Governing Body in the formulation of policies and plans for future development of the College.

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Lee Campbell

Interim Accounting Officer & Chief Executive
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Raymond Sloan

Director - Client Services
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Libby Shackels

Director - Curriculum
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Joanne McGuigan

Director - Finance & Planning
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Carolyn Davison

Assistant Director - Curriculum FHE Quality (ADFHEQ)
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Ann Marie Hughes

Assistant Director - Human Resources & Development
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Fiona Bradley

Assistant Director - External Engagement & Partnership (ADEEP)
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Lorraine McKeown

Assistant Director - Student Services & Marketing
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Stephen Todd

Assistant Director - ILT Development & Information Systems
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Elaine Nesbitt

Assistant Director - Apprenticeships & Essential Skills (ADAES)
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Carmel Murray

Head of Faculty - Health & Science
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Gary Mackin

Head of Faculty - Building Technology & Engineering
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Stephen Rogan

Head of Faculty - Computing, Design & Academic Studies
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Matthew Turner

Head of Faculty - Professional Services
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Tracy Rice

Head of Business Engagement
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Gary Young

Head of Estates