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BRICKLAYING (CONSTRUCTION) Level 3 Diploma Apprenticeship

  • Level 3
  • Apprenticeship
  • Greenbank Campus
  • City & Guilds


This course will help learners to develop various skills and techniques to allow them to build brickwork and blockwork of all shapes and sizes. Students will learn how to set walls and buildings, following instructions from foremen and architects. This course offers a valuable opportunity for individuals interested in the art of bricklaying to develop their craftsmanship and technical expertise in constructing and repairing brickwork structures.

The Level 3 Diploma Apprenticeship in Bricklaying combines practical training with theoretical study to provide a comprehensive educational experience. Apprentices will work under the guidance of experienced professionals, gaining hands-on experience on construction sites. They will learn about different types of bricks, mortar mixes, and construction methods, as well as health and safety practices related to bricklaying.

Bricklayers are outdoor workers who work both at height and below ground level. The work is physical, so a good level of fitness is an advantage – however, the modern construction industry’s safety regulations and lightweight materials mean that most people can undertake the work of a bricklayer.

Greenbank Campus

Full Time
Mode of Study
Class Type
2 Years
Hours Per Week

1 Available Session