Criminal Convictions

The College actively promotes equality of opportunity for all and welcomes enrolments from students with criminal convictions.

To help reduce the risk of harm or injury to students and staff caused by the criminal behaviour of other students, we must be made aware of any unspent criminal convictions.

Students must declare all unspent criminal convictions using the Criminal Convictions Disclosure Form available from the College website, any campus reception or by telephoning 0300 123 1223.

If you disclose criminal convictions, you will not be automatically excluded from the application process. The criminal disclosure process is a risk management process. This is a separate and confidential process in keeping with the data protection principles. You will be advised about the outcome of this process separately and as quickly as possible. You need not discuss this with the course team at interview.

If you require advice and guidance with this process, please contact the Campus Services Manager Raymond Mallon or call 028 3025 9677. If you require independent advice and guidance on conviction disclosure, please contact NIACRO on 028 9032 0157.