Eduroam (educational roaming) is an international secure wireless roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. It provides researchers, lecturers and students easy and secure Internet access when visiting an institution other than their own.

Southern Regional College operates a “Home” and “Visited” eduroam service.

Eduroam General Information

Eduroam is a free to use wireless service offered with Southern Regional College and many other further education and higher education institutions.

Where eduroam is available, connect to it using your college e-mail address.
Staff –
Students –

Enter your college password and you should get connected. This service isn’t available to students from the Schools Partnership Program
If you are unable to connect, please forget / delete the network from your list of Wifi networks and try again. Make sure you complete these steps also when you change your password that you use to login to Southern Regional College computers.
More detailed instructions are in the guides below

Home Service (Southern Regional College Staff and Students)

We operate a “Home” service which means that when you are in the College or away at another eduroam-enabled institution you can use your College credentials to connect to the internet via their eduroam service. Before visiting another institution, you should follow one of the guides below and connect your device to the eduroam WiFi within Southern Regional College. This sets up the connection profile and saves your username and password so that when you visit another institution your device will connect automatically.

Important Note: Please remember that if you change your college password that you will need to changed this in your WiFi settings for eduroam too.

Visited Service (Visitors)

Visitors from an organisation that provides an eduroam “Home” service for their staff and/or students should be able to use eduroam at the Southern Regional College.
Before your visit, you should set up your device according to your own organisation’s instructions. Instructions on this page will only work for Southern Regional College staff and students.

If you have any issues connecting to eduroam contact SRC IT Services to confirm the service if working within the College, you can reach us by calling 02838397890 or via the IT Helpdesk Portal (if you are a SRC Staff member) when logged onto an SRC Computer. If there are no issues with Eduroam, then you will need to contact support within your own organisation.

Travelling to another Organisation

Before visiting any eduroam institution, you should check to verify that eduroam is available and if so what level of service is provided. In particular, your device should be configured correctly for eduroam before you visit another participating site. There are a large number of eduroam enabled institutions across the UK. A list of those already participating and the level of service they provide for visitors is here. Map (please note these locations are controlled by each institute, some may offer eduroam but don’t show on the map.

If a site shows as “home organisation only” this means SRC users can NOT use eduroam here.

Smartphone / tablet users may also find the “eduroam companion” app useful for finding eduroam-enabled sites when travelling. Download it from the App Store / Play Store for your device.

Whilst using eduroam, you are bound not only by the Southern Regional College Acceptable Use Policy but also by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy

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and any similar policies in the visited organisation.

Home Service Setup Guides

You can download the following PDF documents that will guide you through the steps required to configure your device for eduroam. If you require additional assistance, please contact SRC IT Services by calling 02838397890 or via the IT Helpdesk Portal (if you are a SRC Staff member) when logged onto an SRC Computer.