With cyber attacks becoming more frequent and complex, Southern Regional College has gained Cyber Essentials certification from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Certification demonstrates the importance the College places on protecting personal data and the College’s continued efforts to ensure security standards remain at a high standard.

Cyber Essentials Logo

The certification demonstrates to the public the College is a responsible organisation who takes essential precautions with IT security. Certification is a result of the huge effort from the College’s IT services team, who have put immense effort into ensuring systems and processes are up to scratch. As part of the certification process, the College demonstrated five control processes in place:

1. Use of a firewall to secure internet connection

2. Choice of security settings for devices and software

3. Access control to data and services

4. Protecting the College from viruses and other malware

5. Security management updates for devices and software

Cyber Essentials certification is held for a period of one year, before renewal is required. However, not content with the Cyber Essentials certification, the College is turning attention to the next level, and putting in place steps to prepare for the next level with Cyber Essentials Plus.

Thomas Shirley, Head of ICT and Network Services at Southern Regional College commented: “The Cyber Essentials Certification is reflective of the continuous work of our IT Department undertake to keep security standards at a high level and is a significant achievement for the College. Good IT security is increasingly important, not just because it protects our systems and data but by improving the College’s customer confidence, demonstrating that we are a responsible organisation taking essential precautions with IT security.”