Part-time Higher Education

SRC part-time HE course fees are calculated using an hourly rate. These fees are reviewed annually and any increase in costs are normally in line with inflation but may also be subject to charges applied by central government and/or awarding bodies.

The tuition fees for part-time HE courses for 2023/24 are listed on the individual HE course information pages.

Full fees are due at enrolment but part-time HE students who obtain an award notice (grant or loan) from the Student Loans Company (SLC) for full course fees will not have to pay any fees at the point of enrolment. The award notice will be sufficient to confirm that fees will be paid through SLC.

Students who have applied for a grant or loan from SLC and have an acknowledgement letter confirming they have made an application, will pay a minimum of £100 or 25% of the full course fee (whichever is higher) at the point of enrolment.

When the College receives payment from the Education Authority (EA), then a refund will be processed for the deposit to be returned to the student. If the College does not receive payment from the EA, the student is still responsible for the payment of the outstanding fees.

Students who have not applied for a loan or grant must pay full fees at enrolment.