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APPLIED SCIENCE Level 2 First Extended Certificate Traineeship

  • Level 2
  • Traineeship
  • Portadown Campus
  • Pearson


The Level 2 First Extended Certificate Traineeship is a one year course that has been developed to:

  • Exemplify scientific principles in vocational contexts, leading to an understanding of how those principles are applied in practice, and can facilitate a move either on to further periods of study or into employment.
  • Give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of science principles and practice.
  • Give learners the opportunity to develop a range of related skills and techniques that are essential for successful performance in working life.
  • Give opportunities for learners to achieve a nationally recognised level 1 or level 2 science qualification.
  • Support progression into a more specialised level 3 vocational or academic course or into an apprenticeship.
  • Give learners the opportunity to enter potential employment within a wide range of science sectors such as process, industrial, medical, or forensic.

This course is appropriate for learners of all abilities who will benefit from a practical and applied approach to learning in a vocational context.

Portadown Campus

Full Time
Mode of Study
Class Type
1 Year
Hours Per Week

1 Available Session