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CIVIL ENGINEERING Level 3 National Diploma Apprenticeship

  • Level 3
  • Apprenticeship
  • Portadown Campus
  • Pearson


The Level 3 National Diploma Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering is a comprehensive and practical programme designed to provide aspiring civil engineers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the construction and infrastructure industry. This course offers a valuable opportunity for individuals interested in the field of civil engineering to develop their technical expertise and gain practical experience in designing, constructing, and maintaining civil engineering projects.

This course is perfect for those who are employed or seeking employment as a technician in civil engineering and who want to obtain a national qualification to enhance their career prospects or progress to higher education. This course is equivalent to two A-Levels.

Throughout the apprenticeship, participants will engage in a wide range of activities, including surveying, structural analysis, project planning, site management, and infrastructure design. They will learn about civil engineering principles, construction methods, materials, and technologies. The programme covers various aspects of civil engineering, including roads, bridges, buildings, water supply systems, drainage systems, and geotechnical engineering.

Portadown Campus

Full Time
Mode of Study
Class Type
2 Years
Hours Per Week

1 Available Session